Ile-de-France Region Waste Management Observatory

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The Ile-de-France Region Waste Management Observatory is a non-profit organisation under the 1901 law created on 23 November 1992 as a joint initiative between the government and the Ile-de-France region, with its regional focus deemed conducive to a global consideration of waste management.

In  order to adhere to objectives specified in the regulations, the  management of household waste was to be reviewed in its  entirety, with a particular focus on the Ile-de-France region.

The purpose of ORDIF is to extend knowledge, disseminate information and produce waste management indicators for the Ile-de-France.
It constitutes a tool for analysis and ongoing monitoring, enabling  technical waste management solutions to be developed for the Ile-de-France, most notably in the context of public policies. To this end, it creates, develops, manages and updates a database that can be integrated into the various statistical and regional geographic information systems.

It also produces studies, surveys and tools based on items of scientific, economic and technical information, made available by the relevant partners and professionals in the Ile-de-France region.
ORDIF promotes exchanges between public, private and associative stakeholders within its area of responsibility.
On a daily basis it centralises and disseminates news and events associated with waste management in the Ile-de-France and organises presentations and exchanges.



INTERREG IVC and Pre-waste project
March 2010 : Pre-Waste, the INTERREG IVC project including ORDIF is officially approved.

INTERREG IVC is a European regional policy’s programme. It aims at improving the effectiveness of regional development policies and the competitiveness of regional economies through the share of European experiences and knowledge. Waste management is included in the programme as an important issue of the environment policy and European risk prevention’s strategy.

Pre-waste project is a result of this political willingness. It gathers 10 partners from all Europe: ORDIF (Fr), March Region (It), Association of Cities & Regions for Recycling and for sustainable Resource management (ACR+), Municipality of Roquetas (ES), Municipality of Sofia (BG), Brussels Environment (IBGE), Public Cooperation Department of Ilfov County (RO), Municipality of Karlskrona (SE), Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management Ltd (FI) and WasteServ Malta. It will last 3 years.

Thanks to the share of information and experiences, partners hope to assess and share good practices concerning successful waste prevention policies which should contribute to regional economic modernisation and reduce European waste production.

ORDIF is the leader of the working group responsible for defining indicators in order to assess prevention policies and actions implemented on a quantitative point of view as on economical, social and environmental sides. This working group will also allow the participants to work on a shared observation of waste management. 

More information :
- Interreg Pre Waste partners
- Press release "European indicators to assess waste prevention policies efficiency" (07/2010)





R4R Regions for Recycling
April 2012 : R4R is officially approved.

Regions for Recycling (R4R) is a 3-year European project (2012-2014) aiming to enable its partners to improve their recycling performance through consistent comparisons and an exchange of good practices. 

The R4R project brings together 13 partners wishing to share and discuss their experience about municipal waste recycling. European local and regional territories share the same framework and objectives, yet they have designed different waste management systems leading to different performances, which makes comparisons very useful.

However this diversity of approach has led to heterogeneous monitoring systems, making most comparisons inconsistent. Waste management systems are also dependent on local and regional specificities as well as national framework.

With these elements in mind, the R4R project aims at identifying the most efficient local and regional instruments allowing to optimize municipal waste recycling. It also aims at developing an online tool that will help cities and regions to compare their recycling performances following a common methodology.

ORDIF is responsible for Component 1 of the project, Management and Coordination. To ensure effective implementation of R4R and achievement of the envisaged results, ORDIF works on two levels by closely coordinating the work of both the component leaders and the project partners (PP). Coherence of the activities with the work plan will be monitored by ORDIF through a regular collection of individual reports and feedback from each partner.

ORDIF is also in charge of the financial management of R4R, e.g. keeping the accounts for the project, financial reporting, internal handling of ERDF, etc. The appointed Financial Manager furthermore manages - and provides support to - the Financial Management Group (PPs' Financial Managers), and works with the Project Coordinator on the Progress Report to be submitted to the JTS every semester, with a total of 6 progress reports and one final report at the end of the 3-year period. 

The R4R Launch in Paris (18-20 April 2012) was organised by ORDIF.

More information :
- R4R website